Amadea Michaela Kessel

is one of the western european teachers of a non-dualistic way which contains the dualistic everyday life. Born in 1963, grown up in Salzburg, lives and works since 1997 in Berlin, supports after long-standing and detailed selfinvestigation the energy field „Living in Essence “. 

Amadeas kind of teaching is authenticly, respectfully, creatively, amusing and stamped from a provoking openness, love and acceptance towards other people.

During the seminars she works with self-developed methods and methods from different traditions, for example quiet and dynamic meditations, inside show, balance of the chakras, energymandalas, constellation work, visualizations, recitations etc.

She feels related to the tradition of the Dzogchen, the original Tantra, the Taoism and the Zen.  She is bound to no certain tradition or religion, feels linked to all. So Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra and others are considerably on her way.

Milam Matthis Horn

Milam was born in 1964, lives in Görlitz. Allies  to the energy of the Buddhism, the Buddhist Tantra and the Advaita. Teachers on his way were Osho, Elei Jaxon-Bear, Shri Aniruddha Bapu and Barbara Szephan. Milam feels linked to all religions and lives in liberty with that.

Milam organizes and accompanies the seminars of Living in Essence and flows in a creative and supporting way into this energy field. To all organizational questions he gives information. Besides, he works by transformation-work and supports on respectuful wise people by means of energetic single work.