To arise in the energy field Living in Essence as a community, to be a field of force which is an oasis for transformation in attachment with energies of the whole collectively energyfield . The energy field Living in Essence serves in attachment with all other beings a healthy awakening in attention and sympathy. (Amadea)

Life ...  a miracle!

Living in Essence is the energy field supported by Amadea. People who look for essential being.  People who follow the call, the appeal, to be in essential unity with the universe.

Living in Essence promotes interpersonal meeting on the essential level. This level contains the wealth of love and beauty which works instantly through your being.

In the energyfield “Living in Essence” people gather to experience the immense treasure of the divine source.

Do you feel the deep wish inside to live your potential, to find the immortality of soul?
You are welcome in this energyfield: Living in Essence.

What happens during a seminar and what does it cause?

The first step is the knowledge that some essentials are absent, that you live against your energetic and physical balance. 

The second step is the search for a deeper reality and with it the way to Living in Essence.

Seminars with Amadea work out conducive to every group participant and show individually different effect. Often group participants spontaneously experience more liveliness and deeper consciousness appears by affectionate selfacceptance. This energy field is an extremely nutritious ground for long missing needs of our soul. Dammed up energy frees themselves and natural selfhealing forces are activated.

The natural unity of body, mind and soul is supported.