Everything is in essential divine nature and appears in this world in different frequencies. Therefore, every person is original and essentially an enlightened being.

On account of different identifications to which one sticks, one looses the experience of essential nature. The energyfield Living in Essence supportes the recollection of essential nature. In resonance with deep levels of being transformation happens. The real work begins immediatly: Integration. The integration and examination into everydays life. The experiences in the energy field catalyze this process.

Energy work in the field Living in Essence works like a bridge between levels of grievous identifications and the originally divine nature of human beings. Life energy flows of course freely through our human system which is an intelligent energetic organism in itself. If this free river of the life energy is blocked by identifications etc.,  the balance of body, mind and soul is disturbed. In a way it is not really disturbed because in this way the human system shows the way back. It can show in  heavy feelings up to heavy physical sufferings.

Our energy system wants to be reminded of essential nature. In addition it requires the readiness to be in contact with the most subtle levels. In recollection of divine essence transformation happens. This is a deep and direct experience in the very Here and Now.

In the energyfield Living in Essence it is very easy to remember divine being. It happens immediately.

... now  I recognize that I have maintained mostly nice pseudo feelings. But have kept away the real, completely deep feelings from me.

Simply because of fear of what will come, there was no space there up to now, nobody with whom I could have lived such a deep experience, deeply inside I was quite lonesome. With you and LE and the group it was like depend  to a family in which EVERYTHING is possible and respected

No more restrictions, no lids, no veil, no separation, pure real life with all its colors. Finally I was allowed to find out that planet earth is a place where I am loved how I am r... (Myana, group participant).